Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This, That and more

A friend of mine says I  chase squirrels.  If you have ever watched a dog chasing squirrels you may see some analogy.  I do switch projects quickly - if I have an idea why not run with it?  However, dogs chasing squirrels rarely catch them...and if they do it may come at a cost. (OUCH!)

My squirrels are often caught, even if I catch and release to catch again.

I have been chasing a few squirrels lately.

One recurring squirrel is the Arrowhead quilt.  I did some quilting on it a day or so ago, but there was a storm so I stopped.  I also had a couple of issues with the machine.   For some reason the thread cutter jammed and stopped the bobbin case from turning.  I whipped out my trusty screwdrivers and managed to fix it - and clean out the amazing amount of lint that had accumulated.

 Here is a small portion of the quilting. One the pieced blocks I am doing more simple designs.
Another  squirrel  in my kitchen is named "Kimchi" --- it is a Korean treat that I love to eat.  However, it is a taste you love or hate.  I made three jars of it yesterday.  Two are made with Napa cabbage as the main ingredient, the other is daikon radish.
It is in a rich red paste made with many ingredients, but the red is from the Korean red pepper.  Yes, it is hot and spicy but loaded with flavor.

I also finished another knitted dishcloth.  On this one, the yarn ran out. So I figured out how to change colors without too much angst.
The white corner was the ending section.

On my mini loom - an Ashford SampleIt rigid heddle - I am playing with a color and weave pattern called Log Cabin or in other places Basket Twill.  Won't you be shocked to find that I am not always following the pattern?  (no, I didn't think you would be shocked. ha ha)   Adding some other elements/ colors makes it more interesting, don't you think?
On the Saori loom, I am weaving some handspun yarn on a black wool warp. Notice the black pattern lines on the woven part that are created by threading the loom differently - or as a traditional weaver might say "You didn't thread it right!" But some of those -maybe all of them -were on purpose.

I have a small bin of yarn that I have spun to continue with this for a while.
 And let me close with this cute picture I found on the internet- if you saw the movie Up!  you will laugh even more.

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Debbie said...

And I call this chasing my tail! Squirrel sounds better. Lol. As to the thread cutter.....I did this once and realized what I did that caused it. I hit the cutter button and immediately raised the pressure foot....before the thread cutter had finished its full function and returned the hook to its place. I was too fast for the machine sensor, it seems. Of course, that is probably the only thing I am fast at! So lesson learned.....wait for the cutter to fully finish its cycle and return the hook to the correct position. I love your weaving.....all the colors are glorious together.

Vicki W said...

You are enjoying yourself so that's all that matters!

Linda C said...

Hey, I see absolutely nothing wrong with "chasing squirrels". Just shows what a well rounded interesting person you are. So what if it takes a little longer to get finished with some tasks? I find it keeps me from getting burned out with the nose to the grindstone approach. If I feel like doing something else for a day or two, it is my choice to skip around.

Jeanna said...

Your squirrels are always amazing.

What kind of needles and yarn do you use for your dishcloths?

mayolson said...

Hi Gene I just read your bio and was surprised to learn you are Cherokee. My Great Gran was full blood married to a Scotsman( my Dad's side ). You chase squirrels and in my case it is dust bunnies. When I am busy doing 5 different projects all in the same time frame they collect everywhere.....Your Kimchee looks wonderful. And so does your quilting. I pray someday you will do that weaving You Tube video on selvedge edges..Yours are quite good. Be well!

MarthaVA said...

Variety - it's the spice of life! :-)