Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm Still Here/I made this Yesterday

Hi folks,  I know you haven't heard from me in over a week. I have taken some down time and done some needed work around the house.  Yesterday I took three 30 gallon trash bags, one tall kitchen bag and two large shopping bags full of clothing, accessories and bedding to a local thrift store to donate.  Whew, I feel lighter, better, free.  Although I don't have the book and haven't yet read it, I am using the method in the book by Marie Kondo, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  If the item doesn't "bring you joy" you can get rid of it. I am on the wait list for the  library digital loan of this book.

In other "news,"  I was winding a warp to weave and trying a new to me technique.  I messed it up and had to start again. However, I had 60 threads that were eight meters long (8 3/4 yards) wound on the warping board. So I tied it off and prepared it for putting on the loom "someday."
I started over and made the warp I had planned - only shorter this time.  I put the new warp in a ziplock bag for later use.  Then the following day, I put the 60 thread "mess up" warp on my loom.

I used a reed that is spaced wider than the usual one for this loom. This spreads out the threads to make an airier fabric.   I started weaving on it and just playing.

In Saori weaving we call this weaving your heart and weaving with eyes that shine. Last night I measured what I had woven and it was almost 6 feet long.  So I wove a bit more to just past 6 feet (roughly.)  I cut the cloth off the loom and tied the knots to secure the warp ends.  I am thinking that this will be a lovely scarf.
I still need to wet finish it, but first I am thinking I may twist the fringes for a more elegant finish.

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Lynn said...

I know the satisfying feeling of parting with things you no longer need. I took about the same amount of clothing to my local thrift store. I shredded 6 tall kitchen garbage bags full of papers we didn't need anymore. I've started on my sewing room because I moved on to books. I am getting rid of a third of my sewing room books. Linens are next on my list to tackle.

Love your scarf!

Vicki W said...

That will be a beautiful scarf!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Good for you, clearing out stuff. It does make you feel lighter and more energetic.
Your scarf is really nice. I think that is a good idea to make it a looser weave for a softer drape.

Barbara said...

I agree with Wanda. I had the same thought about a lovelier drape. I've seen loosely woven fabrics, and that is always the result. Very, very pretty!

Jeanna said...

Lovely colors and very interesting design, Gene.

I need to do a major purging around my house. I plan to work that in after my daughter leaves for college next month.

Michael said...

I had a fit of purging after I read Marie Kondo's book. I look twenty garbage bags of clothes to the thrift shop (one trouble with living in the same house after you've paid off the mortgage). I can now see the floor in my end of the closet for the first time in 20 years. So far I regret not one bit. So be bold!
And the weaving is marvelous! Bravo.

sewyouquilt2 said...

nice design love it