Saturday, July 11, 2015

Second July Finish

Yesterday I showed the knitting bag that I made for a friend. That was my first sewing finish of the month.
Today I completed the pinwheel table runner for a second finish in July.  I layered and quilted it, put on the binding and it is complete.
I will tell you that there are some mistakes in this one. In fact there are lots of them. I will say that it is relatively straight - although the picture makes it look skewed.   The mistakes are more sewing errors.  For some reason when I put on the binding, I forgot to fold it in half first.  What????  It was all sewn on before I realized it and went "Oh crap!"  So I improvised and ironed down a fat quarter inch around the raw edge that was free.  I pulled it around and ironed it to the back and sewed it down. (No, I am NOT showing the back of it. ha ha.)  The quilting is straight line quilting for most of that I used the stripes on the back as my guide and quilted it from the back  side.  For the rest, I marked with masking tape to get the lines fairly straight.

I hope you are creating and having some lovely finishes this month.
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Barbara said...

Great recovery! I have done that too, but realized early enough to start over. It's very nice, Gene.

Jeanna said...

Mistakes only you would know about, Gene. Love the way you solved the binding issue. It's a nice finish.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think you were just on the game show "How Creative Are You?" and you won!