Thursday, July 02, 2015

Table Runner- Top Done

The table runner I started is now a completed top.  I am still searching for the fabric I want to use as backing.

You can see that I added the triangles at the ends. I also added borders to make it a bit larger.  You may also notice that the "incorrect" square was ripped out and reoriented.  The darks in the center now make a pinwheel.
Here is the before correction picture
I really like it better now that it is corrected.  I don't enjoy ripping out but a friend of mine doesn't mind doing it at all.  So I got him to do it for me.

I also published a new weaving video on YouTube. The subject is "How to keep your selvedges straight."

Enjoy your day.

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Lynn said...

Lookin' good!

kathy said...

Nice video.

Jeanna said...

The table runner turned out nice. I like the added triangles and border.

Katrina said...

Very nice Gene!!

Barbara said...

Yes, that pinwheel really pops with the correction. It was worth doing especially since you have an official ripper standing by. We all should have one! Thanks for the video, I needed that! 😏

kathyinozarks said...

I like the finished one-with the pinwheel-cool-off to check out your video too