Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Little Fantasy

I visited a blog for a publishing company where the blog posts are by the writers. One post talked about road trips.  The final paragraph asked about a favorite road trip - or a fantasy road trip with unlimited resources.   Of course, I went for the fantasy.  But I did use a bit of my personal history in the making of it.
Many years ago, I went on a fantasy trip - all alone - to England. I flew into Heathrow and took the train/subway right into London.  There I got off at the Lancaster Gate stop and walked to my hotel. (Yes, I had too much luggage - but I was young and foolish) A friend's brother had found the hotel for me and met me there. We went to eat with a couple from ???Germany??? Truthfully I don't remember  - I was very jetlagged.  That meal was my first time eating mussels. Mmmm.  Yes travel does broaden you - sometimes in more than one way. Ha ha.
After a week in London, I took the train south to Shaftesbury where the friend's brother was teaching at a church school- he is a priest. As school was out for a week, he took me around the countryside and showed me some sights I would never have seen.  On one of these excursions we went to Durdle Door.

This is in Dorset on the southern shore.  I borrowed this photo as all of mine are in albums- it was film camera back in those days.  I don't think I got a good picture of this anyway.  The rocks, from the Jurassic era (according to Wikipedia) were amazing.

Do you ever go on imaginary trips?  Do you take flights of fancy? Do you have a bucket list?  While this is one trip that I have marked off my bucket list - I would go again in a heartbeat.

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Barbara said...

Lovely! My most memorable trip was to Ireland, but I have to admit I'm a "homebody" so I don't yearn for travel. If I had to take a fantasy trip though, it would probably be to see the parts of the U.S. I've yet to visit.

Jeanna said...

Sounds like you had a great trip to London.

There are many places on my bucket list to visit but I think my first is Italy. I hear the grapes are amazing :)

kathyinozarks said...

sounds like an awesome trip. I am like Barbara I have become a total hermit since retirement never yearned for travel although when my Mom was alive she traveled all over the world in her 60s and early 70s. she even took a back pack trip down the grand canyon-she just signed up for it by herself and went. she also hiked and camped allot of the appalachian trail---I would love to see the ocean again if I had the opportunity

Lynn said...

I traveled quite a bit before getting married. My most memorable trip was an excursion from Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia for the weekend. It was an "adventure."