Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back to Real Life - One Block and 5 Qts

Finally my "make it" mojo has kicked back in.  After rehearsing and performing for so long, I needed a nice rest.  
Yesterday I started it....but let's go backwards.  Today I had a thought of how I want to use the Color Daze batiks and the Nocturne "turnover" fabric that I won from Moda.  Amazingly simple, but also nicely effective.  I made one block:
I haven't trimmed the block yet but it will be square - ish.  LOL.  I am not one to worry about perfection. I love the beauty of imperfection in handmade items like quilts and weaving.

Now, back to yesterday:  I had two heads of cabbage and some daikon radishes in the refrigerator. These were bought with a plan: Making Kimchi.  So, that is what I did. Here are five lovely quarts of kimchi. Four of them are cabbage (just plain old cabbage - not Napa) and one is all daikon radish. There is another partial quart of the radish version in the refrigerator...but I had to eat some of it yesterday.
This batch fermented nicely.  When I pushed it down in the jars after fermenting there were lots of lovely bubbles of the fermentation gases.  It is all now safely ensconced in the fridge.  That is the issue if you want to limit the fermentation. You must refrigerate it to slow down the process. 
Mmm.. I can hardly wait to put some of this over some rice.
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Barbara said...

I really like that block, will be watching for it again, in something!

Barb said...

I do like your block as well but the food.....I think it is fabulous that you know how to make it but....can I pass when I come over to dinner?

Unknown said...

Hi Gene, I am in desperate need of a rooster template for an embroidery machine. I really like the rooster you created and need one for an upcoming cursillo event in Eau Claire, WI. Would you be willing to share the template with me? Thanks in advance, Deb

Jeanna said...

Love what you did with the new fabrics. These will make a nice quilt.