Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cat Quilt -Woven Background

A few days ago,  started an art quilt background.  
 This is made by weaving fabric that is backed with fusible web.  I love the whimsical look that is achieved this way.   The fabric is a hand dyed gradient that I got from Vicki Welsh who sells on Etsy.
This particular piece of fabric was designed based on one of my paintings named Transcend.
The gradient was for sale in December of 2012, but is no longer in Vicki's shop, but there are lots of others available that are equally beautiful. However, if you ask nicely she would likely recreate this one for you. 
But, the story goes onward:  After making the background, I ended up flipping it on end so that it would accommodate the subject I decided upon.  It is still very much "in progress,"  but here is how it looks today. 
If you click this should enlarge to show the
quilting on the cat.
The cat is hand cut from a piece of fabric that I also got from Vicki.  It is a dark blue that is almost black.  The butterfly body is from the same fabric and the wings are from a piece of Vicki's shibori dyed fabric.  

I was embellishing the butterfly with two different metallic threads through the eye of the needle in my machine.   My machine did not like it at all and I had to spend some "quality" time with the seam ripper and a bright light. I finally got it all out. I will try again with a different thread -maybe even a metallic thread.  After I finish the butterfly I will need to quilt this even more than it is quilted now.  Then I will add a binding and attach the entire piece to an artist canvas for display. 

*********So many ideas, so little time. ***********

Have a creative week, y'all. 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oooh - very nice!! - ;))

Petit Design Co. said...

I love the background effect. It looks great so far.

Caro said...

So interesting!

suemac said...

Love your painting. So pretty.

kathyinozarks said...

I really love your painting too, nice quilting on the cat-it will look stunning when finished

Gene Black said...

Thanks Sue. For some reason I didn't get this comment by email.

Marlene said...
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Marlene said...

I love it Gene! There is something about the background that makes it look like a "regular checkerboard" seen through the eyes of a cat tripping on catnip.

Vicki W said...


Jeanna said...

Lovely piece!

The painting is beautiful, too.