Saturday, October 03, 2015

Pointless Quilt Block Sewing

The title is a bit of a pun.  I made several more of the "square in a square" blocks. But I have decided to go a bit "folksy" with it. I am cutting the blocks down to nine inches square and loosing all of the points.  The "quilt police" insist that your points be "perfect."  Ha! So I decided to make my blocks pointless. I used more layer cake squares and some turnover pieces.  But some of the layer cake squares were cut into fourths to cover corners.
Okay, I admit it. I am playing and just having fun with it.  I started quilting to have fun.  So here are my fun squares and the "bonus" pieces
I have five squares and ten "bonus" pieces.  Yikes!  the bonus pieces have points?  I will have to solve that problem. Ha ha...I already have a plan.

Oh and if you are "doing the math" and wondering about the number of bonus pieces - two of them aren't shown as I don't know if I will use them.  They had "oops" cuts made on them.  Of course, with the "plan" I may still be able to use them.
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DebbieB said...

I love your autumny colors!

Barbara said...

Me, doing the math?! Lol, not likely. That gives me a hurty head, so I just appreciate the overall look. I have never heard of "pointless" anything, but I surely have created a few! Love it, Gene.

Lynn said...

Looking good to me so far. I've done this before. It is fun to just sew and figure things out as you go. Have fun playing!

Marie said...

Very nice love your quilt police notes, I quilt for my fun and I think there are a lot of others that do too.Really like the colors too. Hugs, Marie