Thursday, November 19, 2015

Handwoven Garments -Sewing With My Woven Fabric

As you may know, I have been weaving fabric for over a year now.  You may have seen a few of the items I have made for myself.  It is fun to create clothing or other items with cloth that you have woven.  Many people find it a bit scary to cut into the cloth. However, once you learn the proper method and have done it a time or two, it isn't  scary at all.

My 'sale day' is this Saturday and I will have these garments on display for the sale. I purchased five "half shell hanging torso" mannequins to display the pieces.   As the fabric is different front and back there are front and back views of each piece.
Draping Vest - Front

Draping Vest - Back

Orange top- side A (reversible) 

Orange top- side B (reversible) 

Bright Beauty side A

Bright Beauty side B 
Twisted Vest Front
Twisted Vest Back

V-neck Aqua - Front
V-neck Aqua - Back
It is interesting that three of these pieces work well for male or female.  The styling allows the body form to work for either gender.  I have worn three of these pieces - but as someone said "Anything is for sale if the price is right!" There are two that I will keep for myself  unless they are purchased. I would be happy to sell them all and weave more fabric to make more clothing.

I will be building my booth tomorrow and I am hoping that I have room to display them all - along with my other items.  I will try to post a photo of the booth when it is completed.
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kathyinozarks said...

good luck with your sale Gene I hope you do well-I really love using my coin purse I purchased from you

suemac said...

Wow. I love the colors.

Pattie Rollins said...

Ver nice! All are gorgeous. My eyes are most drawn to the one you call Bright Beauty. Have fun and good luck at your sale.

Vicki W said...

Good luck with the sale!

Patricia said...

Hi there...I just bought a rigid heddle and love the idea of making simple clothing like a vest or jacket. Do you have any instructions on how you sew these beautiful clothing from your weaving?

I also found your video of saori style weaving on your rigid heddle and plan on trying that...It's the perfect video - thank you for posting it.