Thursday, November 12, 2015

Silk Scarf Dyeing

Detail of orange scarf
A few months back while dyeing some wool, I put a silk scarf under the wool to catch the excess dye.  It was totally an experiment. But as silk and wool are both protein fibers, it dyed beautifully.   Recently I ordered more colors of dye and some more scarves to dye.

So I had a couple of dyeing sessions with just the scarves this time.  I tried several shibori techniques.
 Then today I saw the sun and thought GREAT! I can take photos outside.

The sun brought a friend, Mr Wind, who was exuberantly happy.  Mr Wind liked my scarves so much that he tried to make off with a couple of them.  Whoooosh!!!!

Once or twice the wind settled. Of course, this was usually when I was not ready to take a picture.  But I got these:

This was an attempt to get a detail shot of the variations in the orange scarf, but it
also shows off the pattern on the blue scarf behind it. 
Realizing that the angle of the sun this time of year wasn't great for this spot. I finally gave up the outdoor photo shoot and came inside.  I took these -less than spectacular shots in using a large piece of art paper as a background.

If you are in the area and want to see the true beauty of these scarves, please come to the sale. 

On November 21st, I will have a booth at the my church's bazaar.  This is not your typical church bazaar with simple crafts made by the ladies of the church.  Rather, they rent booth space for artists to display and sell their work.   I have sold quilts, paintings and other things I have created at this sale for several years now.
This year I will have silk scarves, hand woven items, art quilts, notecards and possibly a few other items.  It is always fun - and I always love to see what other people are selling.
These two art quilts (that you have probably already seen) will be there. They are mounted and ready to hang.  The mounting method I use allows them to hang just like any other piece of wall art.

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sandiqltr said...

I love your scarves, Gene!! Are you using Procion dyes? I want to try my hand at some silk scarf dyeing, too.

Vicki W said...

Lovely scarves! I hope you have a success sale too!