Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Weaving Update

Back in August, I attended a weaving event for Saori weavers.  There were quite a few folks in attendance. The event was a kai. Kai  is a Japanese word that translates to club or association or meeting.  A Saori kai always has a sharing (show and tell) element.  We also have fun weaving and sharing ideas.  Because this was a 3 day kai, it was called Super Kai.

So here is how I got to where I am with what I am weaving now.
At Super Kai, we were given an envelope with paint color cards. The solid card was to be the color of the majority of your warp. Mine is white. Then we had two additional shade cards. You must use one color from each card. Finally an inspiration card. It is the card in the photo with the peacock feather. We could use any or all of those colors to spice up our warps. I choose the blue and the bluish green.
There are 230 threads at six meters long.

 We were told to weave with all the colors in the warp but that we could add any colors we want to add to the weft.
I have started weaving but there are no pictures of that yet.  Here is the warp after I got it on the loom.
I have waited so long because I didn't think I would enjoy the process or the color combination.  To me, white is better as a warp accent - not as the majority of the warp. However,  the way I did this warp, the white is a great "background" for all of the pops of berry, green and blue. The blue is not very obvious so I am weaving some more blues into it in hopes that it makes the blue warp threads more apparent.

I hope you have a great December.  And I hope I am here a bit more blogging about my creative adventures.

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Jeanna said...

That is a lot of thread! I do love the colors though.

Looking forward to your next creative adventure :)

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Looks great, Gene, white is an interesting accent color; I use it in my work too.

Debbie said...

Beautiful colors......your idea of more blue will be even more so.

kathyinozarks said...

pretty warp Gene, I don't like white anything for some reason-never use it in quilting, and for weaving still an off white--but I like your thought process for this