Saturday, January 02, 2016

A Woven Garment

Here are some photos of a garment I made with some of my handwoven fabric.  You may remember my post on Tulips Chose the Colors.  This is what happened with that lovely fabric.

As this has double layers front and back, you can change the styling by pinning or tucking in the front panel to show the layer underneath.  The piece is also able to be worn with either side to the front, although it does not look good worn inside out. (Some pieces are reversible and can be worn inside out too.) 

On this cool day, I loved taking these pictures that remind us that spring will come again.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That is SO pretty!! How clever of you to make it with double layers and reversible front to back - ;))

Barbara said...

Very versatile and pretty! I love how you fringed the edges.

Marlene said...

Very nicely done Gene. I love the way it can be draped at the front. I might have to try a variation of this idea some day.