Sunday, January 17, 2016

It is a Puzzle

Sometimes, things take an unexpected turn.   I was reviewing one of my Craftsy classes based on a conversation I had with someone.  When I looked in the materials, I saw several block patterns to quilt. (It was a free motion quilting class.)  ***Lightbulb***  Look!  that one is made of half square triangles.  And I just sewed a number of half square triangles.
Of course, the ones in the block are 3.5 HSTs and mine are 6.5.   Did that stop me?  You know better than that!
The block is a Balkan Puzzle. It isn't one I was very familiar with so I used the design board again.  I carefully pulled two pieces at a time and sewed "twosies."  Then I joined the twosies into rows of four.  Once they were all in rows, I joined the rows.

Don't be fooled by the photo. The "grays" are actually tan/beige.  The fabric is the Zephyr collection from Connecting Threads.  Most of it has been clearanced and some of it is gone completely. I got a stack of 10" squares when I was ordering some fabric for another quilt.  I love the metallics in it. 

I am thinking I will add a border to this and quilt it to use as a wall hanging or maybe a table topper. Sometimes a "squirrel" 
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Lynn said...

Might make a nice one block baby quilt too. Sure is a fun block. I think I can see that a secondary pinwheel-ish pattern would emerge when you set the blocks together.

Barbara said...

This is a striking block! If you mean a bordered one-block wall hanging or table topper, yes! It stands very nicely on its own.

Rhonda said...

You are so clever. Love the colors!

Marlene said...

Wasn't that a serendipitous moment!

Marlene said...
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