Friday, January 01, 2016

Life and Other things

First of all, let me say A Very Happy New Year to YOU!  Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog.
I have not been very consistent in blogging for 2015 - and honestly I may not be any better in 2016. What I realized is that I am not good at remembering to photograph things.  And then there are commission things that I can't or won't post until the person gets them.

However, I will give a peek.   Yesterday, or was it last year?  Ha ha, it was both!  I finished quilting and binding the baby quilt.  I also washed it, as I do all the quilts I make to be used.  I like to be sure no seams pop in the washer.
Here it is laying on my ironing board with a length of fabric that I completed weaving and wet finishing within the last week.
The woven cloth has a number of sections woven with handspun bamboo and silk yarn singles.  (Singles mean that it was spun and not plied as yarn usually is.)  I actually stopped weaving and spun enough for a bobbin of the bamboo silk blend and then used it to weave.  I think I have an idea what the fabric will become, but only time will tell.

In 2015, I started several more quilting UFOs. I have no idea how many UFOs I have but they will eventually get finished if I live long enough.

I also started making fermented kraut.  The first batch was just cabbage, but then I added some carrots to make it more interesting. I like them both.

Since the kraut is stored in the refrigerator, I use these plastic storage lids on the jars.   You see, you don't want to can the kraut as the heat will kill off the beneficial bacteria. And that good bacteria is the reason you want fermented foods in your diet.

I mentioned spinning yarn.  I had noticed that I has spun and plied a full bobbin of yarn at some time in the past months.  I had left it and forgotten all about it.
So, after trying a (failed) experiment on my loom, I had a very narrow warp wound that I didn't want to waste.  That bobbin of yarn was wound onto weaving bobbins.
Then I started weaving it on that narrow warp.  I got roughly six feet of five inch wide fabric from it.
Close up 

Hanging to dry. 
I love the way the yarn wove up and I think it will make a lovely scarf at this length.  Of course,  the price might prevent it from ever selling - it is all handspun yarn, remember.  A skein of true handspun yarn sells for approximately $30 ---then add the weaving time to that.  Yes, it will be pricey!

And one other piece that I made and didn't show in the past few months:

Have a wonderful New Year.  My plan is to be more "present" in life.  And my hope is to remember  to share the best moments with you.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated. Of course if you are a "No Reply Blogger" - I can not reply.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You do such a variety of art, always interesting.

Yes, we all need to be 'present' in life, not drifting, wasting time. Happy New Year!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Happy New Year, Gene! I agree - we all need to be more "present" in life and to remember to share the best moments with each other. Here's to better memory retention and lots of "best moments" in the New Year - ;))

Rhonda said...

Hi Gene and Happy New Year!!! Present in the new year is a good what to start and working on those UFOs is important.

suemac said...

Happy New Year. Love the horse.

Barbara said...

You may not be a consistent blogger, but you never stop creating. All lovely and inspiring to get me moving, even in the kitchen. Happy new year to you too!