Monday, January 25, 2016

More Quilted and More Woven

These colder days have given me a great reason to just stay inside.  So I have been quilting and weaving - and also reading a book..

First of all the quilting - if you have been reading the last couple of posts you know that I am working on a quilt.  I am quilting it in panels and will join it with strips once all the pieces are complete.  So far there are six of the eight panels pieced and quilted. I put the pieces together across my queen-sized bed to see how it looks.
I think it looks great!
I also took some photos of some of the quilting that I haven't shown yet. These are some of the solid blocks on the front of the quilt.
Wandering Vines 
One of my default designs

Not my best work - but it will do.

Not a clue what to call this one
So that has kept me pretty busy.
However, I have a six meter warp (about 6 1/2 yards) on my loom.  I used my wider reed (3 dents per cm) for this one. I am weaving with mostly warm colors but with occasional bits of blue, aqua and cool lavender tones.  So far, I have just over three meters (3 1/4 yards) woven.   Here is some of it on the loom.  I unrolled the cloth beam to measure and took a photo.

This is a lovely, light weave and I think it will be just beautiful. I can't wait to see what it becomes as a finished garment.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think the quilting on the blue block looks like Hosta leaves.

Jeanna said...

The quilt is looking great. I love that the quilting is unique to each block.

Pretty weaving too. I also can't wait to see what it becomes as a finished garment.

Barb said...

your quilting looks fabulous

Barbara said...

Your quilting is the best ive ever seen! The wovens are beautifully delicate. Everything looks great!

Rhonda said...

Great job with the quilting!!! The weaving looks good and to me complicated. You are awesome!!

Kathleen said...

The blue block reminds me of plant life under water, but maybe it's because of the blue background. At any rate, great quilting!

PNLima said...

The quilting looks really good.