Friday, January 22, 2016

UFO Busting in the S---

The act of doing some straightening some things - along with an email discussion with another quilter - led me to decide that since we are going to have bad weather, it is a great time to do some UFO busting.

You may remember my Arrowhead quilt that I started back in April of 2015. I realized that I had over half of it pieced and quilted.  I also found more blocks ready to make the larger units. Oh yes, this is being done in a "quilt as you go" method - but I am doing free motion quilting on it.
Here are the photos from today:

This several pieces laying on my bed. The top four sections are quilted but not yet joined.
Here is a piece that is sewn into a big "to be quilted" unit.  The units are two sets of four patches with sashing.
And there is this piece that is layered and basted (see the pins?) and ready to be quilted - tomorrow, I hope.

It really feels good to have made a leap in the progress on this quilt.  I didn't mention but the previously quilted pieces were not trimmed before I started today.  So, lacking a large table, there was some crawling around involved in getting them trimmed.

I am hoping that the power doesn't go out due to the weather (I saw white stuff - (don't say the S word)  when I looked out earlier.  No accumulation yet but the temperature is starting to drop.

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Petit Design Co. said...

Have fun and stay warm! We have abou 3" here in Tennessee. We took the kids to play in it, Now I can sew some more

Jeanna said...

Your Arrowhead quilt is coming along nicely. You will have a finish soon.

Barb said...

Great day for snowing...opps...sewing...

Barbara said...

Very pretty, terrific colors! I need a stash busting project with the blizzard swirling all around us. Hope the power holds for my sewing machine!

Lynn said...

Looking good!

Royce said...

i've been snowed in for several days now (6" of snow) and that's all I've done too is sew. Getting out the older items you want to finish is a good feeling for sure.