Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole

Just in case you wonder where I am--- I have fallen down a rabbit hole.  I think it is safe here, but it is a bit scary.

I pulled out the sock that I started knitting (how long ago was  that?) and started back on it.
As you can see, I have a bit of the cuff started. What I have discovered is that I have gotten better at knitting.  I think the class on Craftsy Improve your Knitting with Patty Lyons really helped me.  I gave this to myself as a birthday present.  Ms. Lyons is a very good instructor.

But the inspiration to start back on the sock came from signing up for  the Free Sock Knit Along Class (also on Craftsy.)  That gave me a jump start to work on this project again.  However, I am sticking with the pattern that I started with.  I saw that this class recommends that you already have made a basic sock.  So, I will finish this pair (say a prayer!) and then make one of the patterns from this class.

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Barbara said...

This really caught my eye! One question, knitting in the round for sure, but how? I don't see a set of DPNs, the only way I can do it. Must be the cable attached to two needles. I tried that, but ended up totally tied up in it. Lol. The yarn is beautiful!

The Slow Quilter said...

Look out Gene, make room for me in that hole. I also pulled out a first sock for me. Then I started to do two socks at once, need to get back to it soon. I start from the toe up.

Jeanna said...

I'm loving the yarn you selected. This will make a great pair of socks. Good luck!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

If it's not Squirrels, it's Rabbits!! Make room for me in that hole, too!! I followed your link to the "Free Sock Knit Along Class" and couldn't resist signing up - and then I found a bunch of other FREE ones to go with it. Guess now I need to knit my first sock - ;))

Rhonda said...

Wow! Quilter, weaver and knitter. You are working it!!!

Susan said...

I love your yarn...great colors! You are going to love knitting socks...they are a fun to make.