Saturday, February 27, 2016


One more "practice piece" from the class  Wild Quilting by Christina Cameli.  This is one where I did a "layered" design, similar to the last one.  This time I quilted with a variegated thread.  I think I prefer a solid thread.  I will likely try another one with a shiny polyester thread. 
By the way,  you should know that Connecting Threads is having a winter clearance sale.  They also have good solids at great prices. Many of the solids that I use come from Connecting Threads.  -like the one above.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Ooooh - looks like you're having a bunch of FUN!! - ;))

Barbara said...

I agree, fun!

Pam said...

After I saw your other post, I signed up for Christina's Wild Quilting. I do enjoy her classes.
Congrats on your quilting.
You said that you are unhappy with the variegated thread. How often does it change color. I use Superior Threads because it changes every inch. I am enamoured with variegated thread.
Continue to quilt onward.

Marie said...

I really like your progress. I used a lot of the variegated threads on baby quilts but do prefer the other too. Keep up the great work and have a beautiful Sunday. Hugs, Marie

Barb said...

I have enjoyed seeing your are making me want to take a class or two.