Thursday, March 10, 2016

Check In

Just so none of you get concerned that I have "disappeared,"  I am posting an update.
I am working with the local community theater group as a costumer.  The director had ordered a "Snow White" costume that one of the characters wears in the play.  The skirt on it was not the best. Honestly,  the entire thing was put together rather shabbily.   I removed the skirt and replaced it with better fabric and also added to the length to make it appropriate for the actress.  (it was about 3 inches too short.)
The basque waistline was a challenge - and it did not photograph well.  I am hoping it looks much better on the actress.

I am thinking I should take one of these Craftsy classes on garment sewing.

I am also added straps to a strapless beaded gown - but I don't have photos of it at this point.

Have a beautiful day. Find the beauty in the world around you. Look in the mirror and find the beauty that is within you.

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Barbara said...

I did a lot of garment sewing for our daughter growing up, even made her senior prom dress from an antique pattern I had to order because she wanted the 1920s look. I did OK with it all, but I find it highly work-intensive. The only way for me to make garments is with a pattern, and I must take it one baby step at a time. If you are doing this without a pattern, which is how I know you like to work, wow! I think the costume looks Great, and something like this (as well as my daughter's prom dress) always looks better on a person. Have fun!

Jeanna said...

I haven't done any garment sewing since my kids were small. You did a great job modifying this costume. So? No acting for you this time? I'm sure the local theater is happy to have you in any capacity.

Rhonda said...

I think you did a good job from what I can see!! BTW, I just posted about enjoying every moment of life. Like minds.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You are the best Gene! In so very many ways.