Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Piecing and Voting and Yarn - Oh My

So what has been happening in my life?
LOTS of things are going on.

First of all, last night I started some quilt blocks and finished making them all today.
There are actually fifteen of these blocks, but it was easier to just lay out nine for the photo.  I guess I was in too big of a hurry as I see they aren't all laid out nicely.  They are more square than they look in the photo. Ha ha.
After I got the wedge blocks made, I realized that this quilt will look like it came from a circus!  The wedge blocks, in these bright colors, remind me of a clown costume.  
So why did I make these particular blocks?  I am taking a class on Craftsy (yes another one!) It is "The Essentials of Free Motion Quilting" by Christina Cameli.  I know I should have taken this one BEFORE I took her Wild Quilting class, but as you know, I don't always go in order on things.
The thing that made me want to take the "beginner" class was this:  I saw a friend's blog who is taking the class.  She is a real beginner, but her control of scale was amazing. She was changing sizes of motifs beautifully. I am not (yet) good at that. I am hoping this class solves that issue.

This morning I used my privilege and went to the polls.  I don't discuss politics - so don't ask.  But I do support having a voice. Your vote is your voice.  Use it well.
A while back I got some white yarn from Knit Picks that I dyed to make a warp for my loom.
It dyed beautifully and I am excited about getting it on the loom soon.  The yarn is Stroll Sock Yarn and I am happy to say that I am now an Affiliate for Knit Picks.  So if you click through any of my links to Knit Picks and purchase I will receive a small percentage of your sale.  It will not cost you any more, but it does help keep me in supplies.
Wool Yarn from Knit Picks

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I LIKE your circus blocks - VERY happy colors! And I think you will LOVE the class - can't wait to see your practice blocks all stitched up - ;))

Barbara said...

Those blocks don't remind me of anything or anyone but you! Your style is always recognizable in design and in color. Love them, they are very happy! I love the colors you got from dying the white yarn. It will weave up beautifully.
Good for you not discussing politics, I don't think this is the place for it, but promoting voting always has its place!!!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I like the circus blocks....they make me smile. I admire your keeping up with classes....way to go Gene! The yarn is absolutely beautiful...wowzers.