Saturday, March 12, 2016

Relaxing Project

I am taking a bit of a break from sewing this weekend (except some pants that I had to sew a belt loop onto. )  So I needed a relaxing project - to keep from feeling non-productive.

Having not used the rigid heddle loom for a bit, I decided to put a warp on it and make a scarf. Now that I am proficient at warping my floor loom, this seems much easier to do.
I used three yarns for the warp.  For the "background" color I used a gray.  Then I added small sections of a variegated teal/aqua that has shiny silver threads running through it.  And there is a similar red/burgundy with the same silver in it.
The yarn I am weaving in it is a homespun type commercial yarn that is variegated also.  It is sort of a cream with shades of lavender and green mingled it.  The colors are very subtle and almost disappear in this scarf.  However, they add a very nice shading to the fabric of the scarf.
I love the sparkle of silver in the red and aqua stripes.

If you are curious to learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom, you can learn it in the Craftsy Class - Rigid Heddle Weaving.
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Barbara said...

I always love sparkle! Very pretty scarf!

kathyinozarks said...

Lovely colors Gene. When I first learned how to weave back in '78 I went right to the 4 harness loom I still use it-was a 30" table loom but the company sold a conversion kit to make into a floor loom. I need to play on that little 4 harness loom soon I think it is only around 6 to 8" wide was a sample loom. we have had a rough winter health wise so I am anxious to get creative again.

Jeanna said...

That is going to be a nice scarf. We love the ones you made for us. The black and gold ones got a lot of use when we went to Philly over the holidays.