Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Catching Up

You may have missed me for a few days --the past week.  I had some things that just needed doing that took some time.  Then, on Thursday, I went with a friend to a weaving studio to help with a filming project.  Of course, I was able to take my loom along also. I am still weaving on the warp that I showed two weeks ago.  It is eight meters long. That is 8.74 yards that will become well over 8 yards of hand woven fabric.  The first four to five yards, I tried to stay in the color family of the warp - that is  aqua/teal, black, white, gray, silver and purple. But after that I decided to branch out and use whatever colors I wanted for the weft threads (those are the ones that go across.)    I have unrolled a bit of the cloth to take a photo for you.   That blue ribbon you see sticking out the sides is to separate the controlled and "wild" palette of weft threads.
Because of the metallic silver threads in this warp, the picture has some blurry spots.  
That is only a bit of  my two weeks work on it.  Right now, I can see the end of the warp and I am excited about taking this cloth off the loom and wet finishing it.  To wet finish, I tie the ends - wash in warm water and then iron the wet cloth while pulling the selvedges straight.  I hope to share a picture of the completed cloth later. 

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Barbara said...

Beautiful cloth, Gene. All my favorite colors blended masterfully, and so much if it!

Vicki W said...


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oooh, I knew you were up to something creative! Love the colors on this piece - ;))

Linda C said...

lovely weaving! You are so creative in so many ways, Gene.