Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First Roses and an Alert

The roses have started to bloom and they are so lovely.   I decided that I had to share them with you.
There are dozens of buds and all of these blooms were just buds yesterday.

And now the Alert.  
Craftsy is having a sale on "select" classes.   There are actually 785 classes on sale for half price. I even saw a class on growing roses!  There is so much that you can learn. And science has proven that constantly learning keeps your brain working at its optimal level.  (and we all want that, don't we?)

The three free motion quilting classes by Christina Cameli are each marked down to $19.99.  I have taken two of these classes and I highly recommend them.
I did these pieces in Essentials of Free Motion Quilting.

I have not yet taken "The Secrets of Free Motion Quilting" - but it is on my list to buy.  Right now just might be a good time for me to enroll. (okay, I couldn't resist - I am now enrolled in this class!)

And in Wild Quilting,  I did these pieces.

You can learn to quilt like this.  Christina is firm in saying that you should not mention your mistakes.  But, even the best quilters have some little oopsies.  You may find some in mine if you look diligently...but don't do that....and remember it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 
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Barbara said...

Lovely roses, weeks ahead of NJ. Checking out Craftsy, as I always do. ;)

Vicki W said...

Your roses are beautiful! I hope you have baby bluebird photo soon too!

barbara woods said...

your Roses are beautiful! i have all the free classes and quit a few of the bought one, love them!

kathy said...

I just did some free motion quilting on a baby quilt I am making. I'm not mentioning my oopsies at all. Our landscape roses are about to burst forth in our fabulous april weather.

Susan said...

Beautiful roses and quilting! You are so right about not pointing out the mistakes...most will never see them and only those without manners would point them out.

Jeanna said...

One thing that I miss about sweet home Alabama is the ability to grow hearty roses! Yours are beautiful and I can almost smell them from way down here :)

Your quilting is nice. I'm just not confident that I can to that though. I tried ONE class (not Christina's and not Craftsy)and well, let's just say the feed dogs stay UP on my machine.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your roses, Gene! I'm so glad that you finally got Christina's "Secrets" class - it's terrific! Can't wait to see your "practice" pieces.

And to Jeanna - YES, YOU CAN! - if I can do it, YOU can do it. I may not do it well - YET - but I CAN do it - I just need more practice. And if you only take ONE Craftsy class - Christina's first class "Essentials" is the one to take! My practice piece is not perfect - far from it - but I'm not afraid of FMQ anymore - and that's the best part. Just go for it - ;))

kathyinozarks said...

Your quilting is always so beautiful-do you quilt on a regular sewing machine or do you have a long arm? I should try this again-I did a couple on my sewing machine and just was not real thrilled with my work.
Your roses are just lovely. I can't seem to grow roses here. Larry bought me several beautiful ones when we first moved here and I lost them all-the weather can be so extreme here

Linda C said...

How lovely--the roses and the quilting! Not only can you free motion up a storm but you have a green thumb too. Man of many talents, Gene.

Heidi said...

Wild Quilting is a class I have been tempted to take! I really enjoyed reading about your perspective, and seeing your quilting!