Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy and Taking it Easy

Some of you are wondering what has become of me.  The truth is, I am taking a self imposed break from the sewing machine.  However, I have done a bit of weaving. Like this bit.
That is just a small section of a piece that is roughly 17" wide by over four yards.  It is mostly cotton, but with some bamboo, tencel, rayon and linen thrown in at times.

I took the time to revamp and update my website at

I also saw this little harbinger of happiness on the power wire outside my front door.

 I love to see the bluebirds in the area.  I remember when they were almost extinct.  
I hope bluebirds of happiness are flying through your world and reminding you that we have so much to be thankful for.  
Several days a week I try to list some things to be thankful for - i.e. my gratitudes. 
Here are a few from the last week. 
Little surprises. 
Good neighbors. A sound sleep.  
People who appreciate what I have done and let me know it. 
 Sunlight on the trees as it makes the leaves sparkle -and the light breeze makes the leaves dance.

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Vicki W said...

Love your bluebird!

Marie said...

Love the blue bird, happiness is so wonderful and we all have some if we just look. Your weaving is very interesting. I am trying to get back into the sewing mode. I enjoy your blog, have a beautiful day Gene. Hugs,Marie

Linda C said...

Website looks good, Gene. I know about self imposed breaks from the sewing machine. Necessary for mental health and sometimes to reduce the physical strains. Plus look at you with all your varied interests to play with. Your weaving looks amazing!

suemac said...

Love seeing your weaving projects. I have been a little slow with my sewing projects too. So many other things to do.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Me, too! I love your weaving and bluebird - and your many gratitudes - especially the coffee - ;))

Barbara said...

Always love your beautiful woven cloth, and we also enjoy the bluebirds. There have been more than usual this year on our suet cake feeder. Great web work! I used to do web sites when it was necessary to know html language. It was a very simple site compared to what can be done today. Well done!
Now I'm going to give you a bit of insight into some of the crazy things that I think. You mentioned a light breeze making the leaves dance. Whenever I'm walking and the leaves are moving, I imagine that they are moving under their own power, not because a breeze is blowing them. After all, they are living things. When I'm successful at almost believing that's what's happening, my whole world changes!

Julie Fukuda said...

Enjoyed your post and you list of gratitudes.
Until google stops fighting with yahoo, I will never know when I am no-reply as it goes in waves and only some bolgs get one or the other... and even that is not consistent.

Jeanna said...

Love your gratitudes, Gene. This was a great post.

JoZart Designs said...

Hello to you Gene from Liverpool, England. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed browsing through your blog pages and appreciate your skills. I am encouraged now to try more decorative machine quilting and get out of the ditch!!!
It was moving to read about the tornados, something we never experience where I live. What an experience it must have been for you and I really feel for the people who suffered severe devastation. One of my friends in California has twice lost her home due to an earthquake and also a forest fire so I am concerned now about the people in Canada.
Best Wishes and it was nice to pop in,