Monday, April 18, 2016

Living and Weaving

It seems that I have been missing a bit lately.  I have been working on several things.  A fellow blogger and my favorite fabric dyer, Vicki Welsh,  has done a complete reworking of her blog, website and store.   That inspired me to take a look at my website and see what I could do to revamp. At this point, I am not ready to change my blog. But I do have a website at  - that is the one I am going to revamp.

(warning- geeky talk - you can skip the next paragraph if it will cause you to glaze over)  
Since my web hosting is paid for almost 3 more years, it isn't financially smart to move the website.  I looked at some sites that let you build on their platform and even started a site here.  However, it is not a complete site at all.  Since I can't export the coding and use it on my hosting site, I am searching for a good standalone web design software that isn't too expensive.

Now....the less geeky stuff:

A couple of weeks ago, I wound a lovely red warp for my loom
There are some purple and yellow threads as well as  a couple of brown and green threads in it.  I have been weaving on this eight meter warp (8.75 yards) slowly since then.   Here are some photos of the fabric with one "close-up" of  a graphic element that I wove into the cloth.

At this point, there is less than a yard of warp that is unwoven.  I really hate to see the end of it as it has been such a joy to weave.  But I have a purple warp ready to go on next.
As for this piece, I can hardly wait to see what it becomes.  My hope is that it will make a great piece to put in a gallery show I have coming up in July.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Another BEAUTIFUL piece! I'm with you - I can hardly wait to see what it becomes - ;))

Barbara said...

Gene, this is nothing short of stunning! A show, indeed, where others can enjoy it. You are a master weaver! I can feel your enthusiasm.

Debbie said...

Just dropping in to say how beautiful this piece is!!! Your weaving is just stunning and so fascinating to see the results.

Linda C said...

Consider my eyes sufficiently glazed over but still, I understand what you were saying, LOL. Wanna-be geek here.

Oh, my the woven piece is gorgeous! You will let us know when you have your show so us "local yokels" can some see?

Jeanna said...

Good luck with the website revamp, Gene.

I love the weaving. You create such beautiful 'cloth' and I look forward to seeing what it becomes too. July event will be here before you know it!

MarthaVA said...

Another gorgeous piece, Gene. I love how you work the colors. You make very pretty warps!

I am not as geek capable as you are, but I have been looking for a web host forever. I just can't ever decide so I give up and don't do it. Right now, mine is under WordPress, not my fav and not a real website. Just my blog.