Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Quilt in the Works

Today,  I realized that I needed to make a quilt for a reason.  I need to make it in a short period of time also.   I have about 11 days to make the top, layer, quilt and bind this one.  YIKES!
Of course, I need fabrics that I don't have.  The colors need to be red, black and white.  I have some of all of them, but not enough of any of them.  I discovered this after I planned the quilt.

To get started I went into Electric Quilt and started playing with designs. My first design looked like this:
This would take a lot of solid fabric - and I checked the requirements in the program to find that I didn't have enough red or black fabric. And for this to look really good, the black and red needs to be the same black throughout.  I am really trying to use up some of what I have ---so I said, try again!

Take two is this quilt:

Or, I may go a little bit smaller and use option 3.  The black and white fabric is not exactly what I will use if I go this way but I have a bw batik  that will allow for a bit more diversity of fabrics. 

The pieced blocks are disappearing nine patch blocks which are pretty fast to piece.  My plan for those was to use some fabrics I bought on clearance at Connecting Threads.   When I  found them in my stash, I realized that I had already used some of them- and they were fat eighths rather than the fat quarters I had erroneously remembered.   So, there isn't enough of those either.  But I cut all of the squares that I could manage for the nine patches and set them aside.

Then I took the leftovers and started piecing them into larger pieces.  I managed to make 5 of my ten inch squares. And there is enough left for one more.
The lower right is not all joined but will be the 6th block.    I will use these in place of six of the disappearing nine patches. It will all work out to be just fine.
I didn't sew the nine patches yet.  Since I need more fabrics, I want to wait so that they will be nicely mixed up.
Now if I can just stay focused - I can do this!
And in case you are wondering, the quilting will be something that I can do quickly- and probably in a larger scale than the practice pieces I have been quilting.

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Marjorie said...

I love what you're doing. I have a small basket of batik fat quarters and half yards in reds and blacks. Someday I'll make a scrappy quilt with them. Just wish I lived close by so I could donate them to your quilt.

Marie said...

Great idea and I love the color choices. I am working on using my fabrics and staying out of the store( sorta hard to do). Hope you have a good day and can't wait to see the final post. Hugs, Marie