Monday, May 16, 2016

Reality Check - Test Block

Sometimes you need a reality check. In my Saturday post about a quilt I am making, I mentioned disappearing nine patch blocks.   It had never occurred to me how to make them come out to a particular size. But I figured that someone had probably figured it out.  So, I went googling.   There it was ->  a nice formula for making the size you need.  I read it, and was so happy!  One of the example sizes was exactly what I was looking for: a ten inch block.

Where was my brain?  It said to use 7 inch squares. (Think about it!)  The nine patch when sewn is 21 inches square - and you are going to cut it so you lose 1/2 inch either direction. It will be a 20 inch square - not a ten inch square.  But, but,  it was on the internet on a quilting site.  I just took it at face value.  So now I have lots of 7 inch pieces of my fabrics. I could cut them into 3 1/2 inch squares...but NO!!!! that makes a 9 1/2 inch disappearing nine patch.

How did I figure it out?  After cutting all the pieces on Saturday,  Sunday afternoon,  I decided to make one with the fabrics I had cut.   Before I had the nine patch sewn, reality had smacked my upside the head. OUCH!  But now I was curious - what did she mean???  So, I trudged on. After I subcut the 9-patch, I saw the light.  Each quarter was a 10 inch square.

We were discussing a different unit!   I think of a disappearing nine patch block as the 9-patch cut and reassembled. She thinks each quarter is a block. I took some other fabric and made one from 4 inch squares (it makes a 10.5" block) but I trimmed it down to 10- inches.
Giant block on left - what I wanted on right
The question now-  What path do I take?  Make the giant blocks for part of the quilt? Cut the 4 inch patches for the 7 inch squares (lots of scraps left that way.) Or just go for a field goal?

The best laid plans can fail without the reality check.  Whatever happens, this will be an interesting quilt because I am going to run with it and see what happens.

Stay tuned.
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Barbara said...

Your posts always challenge my brain, Gene. I get befuddled thinking about a disappearing anything in any size(!) much less desiring it to be a particular size. Lol. It's going to be great!

Linda C said...

I think I would have just drafted it out conventionally or used EQ to draw it up the size I wanted. Really it is just a sashed square for the segments. I admit that D9P is not my favorite quilt especially when there are other simpler ways to piece it, IMHO. Not unlike a Patience Corner with a cornerstone tossed in there on some versions. Pre-sashing works for me!

I DO love the fabrics you are using. I have some red, black and white around here to make a purse of some sort. I stumbled on the bin the other day while on a treasure hunt, LOL. Hopefully you will be able to get passed the math and finish this project!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I vote for "go for a field goal" - ;))

Barbara said...

How about using the big blocks on the back?

Barb said...

I have done one dissappearing nine patch and enjoyed when you were calculating for us my mind went nutzzzzzz....math was never my best subject.

MarthaVA said...

My first thought was, UGH, math! One reason I don't like to cut big fabric into small fabric, then have to figure out the math. LOL

I love the bigger blocks. I also love the smaller blocks with the bigger block, so I think you should continue on the path and mix and match.