Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sometimes You Need It

Yes!  Sometimes you need creative playtime to feed your creative soul.
The simple piecing of the brown and white fabrics has been in my "to play with" stack for well over a month.  But I had commitments and deadlines and other things that needed done.

But today.............PLAYTIME

I would never say that this isn't work - but it is playtime for my creative soul. I have no plans as I am going.  I am following along and saying "what if?"   The entire piece is roughly 26  by 19 inches.  I am sure it will be cut down a bit.  The big Feather-Leaf is roughly centered side to side. The bottom of it starts just above center.  This piece may not be finished anytime soon, but it is great for my "few minutes of playtime."

This "style" is something I learned about in the  'Wild Quilting" class on Craftsy.   Isn't it fun?

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Barbara said...

Ok, I had numerous thoughts as I read your post, but the two at the top are this is playtime for you, but it would be impossible work for me; and you wrote isn't it fun? Yes, it's incredible fun to view it, but it would not be fun for me to do it. It's beautiful!

Jeanna said...

Your quilting is so pretty, Gene. This is already looking like a masterpiece. I do not have the creative eye for free motion.

Kathleen said...

Neat!! I like the wiggly grid part.