Sunday, May 29, 2016

UFO Update (UnFinished Object)

Perhaps you remember that a few weeks back I posted a photo of a couple of UFOs.  Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, one of them grew a bit.
I decided to make an additional convergence block to go with the first one.  But, suddenly I saw a different possibility.  I added "setting corners" and cut the block on the diagonal. My original plan was to face the triangles the opposite way (pointing away from the center.)  After placing them on the floor to make a decision, it was obvious that this was the best layout.
So, what started as this:
has now grown to a bit more than double in size.  Now I must decide if it will become a bed quilt, a lap quilt or perhaps a wall hanging.  The fact is: It is still a UFO.

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Linda C said...

It almost looks like table runner size from here or one of those bed runners that keep your tootsies warm without heating up the rest of you. It can be anything you wish, right including unfinished for a bit longer.

Congratulations on another giveaway win. I guess it is true that you can't win if you don't enter! You have as much chance as anyone, right?

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree with Linda J - it looks like table runner size from here - but it's really hard to tell. I really like what you did with it - it makes me want to sew up another "Convergence" quilt of my own - Squirrel!! - ;)) And I think we all need to start calling our projects "in progress" - sounds better than "unfinished" - don't you think? - ;))

Barbara said...

Yes, a table rumnner! Just think, that's a small project, and voila(!) you'd have one less ufo. Here's an observation, nothing more or less, just something that jumped out at me. I see a change in your work, Gene, has it started to become less "Gene wonky" and "nilly willy bright" (my words - haha). Your designs and colors are always original, but looking a tad more traditional and matching well. I love the color combinations of blue and brown in this. Somehow no matter what you do, it's great!

Jeanna said...

Looks like this UFO is getting pretty close to being "finished"... :)