Saturday, June 18, 2016

Doodling - Pen then Thread

Free motion quilting is a lot like doodling.  I have taken several free motion quilting classes on Craftsy. And a theme I have heard repeated is "Doodle the design before you start quilting it."  So today, I was spending some odd minutes doodling designs.  Suddenly, I felt a firm KICK right in my creative backside.  A little voice said, Why not try doing a design that starts with a spiral and then has a rectangle or triangle around it?  The voice sounded a lot like a muse, so I played along.  First I doodled spirals in triangles.  It worked but was hard to make it go where I wanted it to go.  So then I tried it with rectangles.  The little voice said Now that looks a lot better.   And it did.  Of course the doodles are scattered over the page of my poor notepad.
I started in the middle of the page.  Perhaps that speaks to my lack of organization. Ha ha. But the part at the top was looking good. So I morphed it in triangles.  That works but there are odd unquilted spaces that won't fill an area as well.
Time to put the thread to a quilt sandwich and see how it works for real!  Yes, muse!  I hear you.
Of course, a quilt sandwich was not ready so it took a few minutes to prepare one. Then this
Two photos but the same quilting - hopefully one of them is clear to you.
 I started small then decided to see how it works larger.  I played with the triangles - but as you can see those unquilted odd spaces are not very pleasing.   I even played with a few variations like changing the direction of the spiral.   Yes,  this will work for real quilts.
Then, I giggled and did a happy dance.

Remember, Dance like you don't care who is watching.  Have a great weekend.
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Barb said...

Looks great

Barbara said...

Yes, it will work, and be all your own design. You are so talented!

Jocelyn said...

Your design looks great!

Jeanna said...

I'm amazed at how the thread version of your doodling is just like the pen version. FMQ is just beyond my skill set...I've told you that before.