Monday, June 06, 2016

Piecing Play

A crazy idea to try another convergence quilt started this.  Of course, being the way I am, I changed the directions.  The idea was to do a Divide and Conquer convergence.  But then I wanted to use a Fibonacci sequence for the cutting.  LOL... A lesson I have failed to learn and repeated "Don't try too many new variations in the same new project"
It looked pretty crappy.  So I decided "It is only fabric" (although it is hand dyed fabric!) and I cut it again and re-sewed it.
How does the title "Convergent Madness" sound?   The interesting thing will be to see where I decide to go from here.  I like it as it is now, but  I am undecided how to finish it.  Perhaps a few days for it to "rest" and it will tell me where to go next.

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1 comment:

Barbara said...

Beautiful colors, movement, mismatched, movement, "convergent madness", and did I say movement? Besides absolutely loving the colors and the lovely way they are combined (are you sure this isn't a painting? ) movement is the word that comes to mind most!