Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another Class Project - The Becca Bag

After the great success with the Sweet Pea pods, I decided that I just had to try the Becca Bag.   I love the way Joan Hawley shares great tips for success.
Other than my imprecise measuring for the lining, everything went great.  I re-watched segments as I went - often on 2X speed - to reinforce what I saw the first time I watched it.  I used the pause feature when I went to cut, sew or press so that I could come right back to where I was in the class.  You can also add a bookmark if there is a bit you want to watch again. That is a great feature with every Craftsy class.
So here are three pictures of my Becca Bag. First up- Zipped closed:

Then one side:

And the other:  

If you are wondering, the fabric is from  a Connecting Threads kit.  Unfortunately it was in Clearance  and is now sold out - or at least I didn't find it.  However, there are always some fun fabrics in Connecting Threads Clearance section

And let me remind you  that I learned to make this bag in the class "Zippered Bags with a Twist- The One Zip Way" on Craftsy.  But if you just want to get the pattern, it is available at Annie's for $10.99.  
Personally, I am very glad I took this class, because I have learned several tips and trick to make a successful project. And those tips will carry over to other sewing projects too. 

Did I mention that when you make the Sweet Pea Pod  that you cut enough fabric for two of them?  I sewed the "leftovers" up but  I switched out the lining fabrics to add some variety.
here they are with the Becca Bag

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Barbara said...

Our guild made a bag with a twist once, and I use it to hold my peril cotton threads. What will you do with your bags? They are pretty incredible for one day's work!

Marlene said...

Looks like a really fun project Gene. Do you think it could be worked in handwoven fabric without too much difficulty?

Tangos Treasures said...

Bags look great!! I love those sweet pea pods!!