Monday, July 11, 2016

Just Wave - Part 3

As Promised, here is part 3 of the Just Wave saga.

After writing the post for part two, I did some simple piecing with some HST blocks that I had in a plastic baggie - they are 2" finished pieces.
But the muse kept kicking at me.  I had to try adjusting the plan to see if I could make it work as expected.

I had some 2 1/2" jelly roll strips handy so I picked 4 that had already had pieces cut off of them. Then I cut four background fabric strips -chocolate brown since it played nicely with the strips.   I sewed the strip sets alternating them. Cut the piece in half again.  And for next time, I will cut that on a wavy line too!  Then I turned one piece top to bottom and layered them again both facing up.   I cut them into three sections -wavy line, free form rotary cut.  And I sewed them as I described in yesterday's post.   I didn't want a straight seam down the center so I overlapped the edges and cut a slightly wavy line through both pieces. Yeah, I should have taken a picture of that. (oops)
Here is a graphic I made to hopefully make that a little clearer than mud

                                               Then I joined them with a final wavy seam.

Surprise!  A lot of the seam lines match - not all but way better than before.

I think this satisfied the muse so that I can go back to my UFOs.  Unless another squirrel runs by and I have to chase it too.  I think my spirit animal is a squirrel hunting dog. Ha ha.

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Barbara said...

Lol, spirit animals are never satisfied! I'm glad you are happy with this. I was going to say you are a glutton for punishment, but you are quitting, so I won't. Really, this is incredible work!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Cool! I'll have to chase that squirrel one of these days - ;))

Linda C said...

Laughing---spirit animal was a squirrel hunting dog! We creative types can certainly be distracted so easily by squirrels, that is for sure.

I have enjoyed seeing the process you have gone through--what works and what didn't. It is a fun way to learn and how do you know if it works or not till we try it.

Keep on keeping on, my friend!