Saturday, August 27, 2016

Papa's Made a Brand New Bag

With a great discount, I could not resist taking Joan Hawley's class "Zip It Up."   Now, I am sure there is some fusible fleece hiding around here somewhere, but I couldn't find it so I improvised with some Bosal In-R-Form.  The In-R-Form is great but I think it was a tiny bit too sturdy for this bag.  Still, I got a nice looking very sturdy bag.
The front of the bag, with zipper
I improvised a scrappy strap instead of using just one of the fabrics.
I also switched out the zipper tab and used a pink one on the red zipper
for a little extra zip to my zipper.
And the back of the bag with a pocket.
 With this class, I got three patterns for fun zipper bags.  This is the Runaround Bag/ I am calling mine "Spicy Runaround."   But I also received patterns for the Nickita Bag and the Bendy Bag.  Plus once you make the Bendy Bag, there is a tutorial on Joan's blog to make a Bendy Bits zip pouch with pieces that will be left over. I am hoping to get a Nickita bag made this afternoon. These are fast and easy following Joan's tips and tricks.  One thing that I love about the class is that Joan teaches extra tips to insure a successful project.
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Debbie said...

Great bag! Love your mixed handle style. It looks so good.

Barbara said...

Looks like a perfect size, and so pretty!

Marlene said...

Nice job Gene. Did you enjoy sewing it? I found it to be a fun project. I'm looking forward to seeing your rendition of the other bags from the class.

Jean said...

I haven't taken her craftsy class, but I love making these Runaround Bags. So handy for just about everything! I made one for each of my daughters.