Saturday, August 06, 2016

Stitching for Fun

I confess!  I have not done very much sewing. quilting or weaving lately.  Between the figs coming in - and the necessary jam making they bring, and the extreme heat of this summer, I have just not wanted to do it.
But Friday, I decided to use my die cutter and cut out some tumbler blocks for some almost mindless sewing.  However, I realized that planning rows so that the lights and darks alternate is not so mindless. The bottoms of the tumblers on one row have to match the bottoms of the tumblers on the next row so that the seams align.  I also tried to have no fabric match on any row. In that I was almost successful. Almost - but not quite, I don't think it is too obvious but you can find it.
Overall, I am happy with it and I will NOT be ripping out any seams.  I have no exact plan for this although I have some ideas.  One idea is to make this a row across a quilt made of varying rows of scrappy blocks. That way, I won't get bored with a repetitive task and the quilt will be uniquely mine. AND I will get to use up a lot of those scraps. Triple win if I do it this way. Or there is the possibility that it will end up in the pile of UFOs. C'est la vie! Telle est la vie d'une artisane! (that is the life of a quilter.)

In other news, I saw something that broke my "no new fabric purchases" vow. But it is only one piece.  And it is beautiful.
It is from the shop of Colorways by Vicki Welsh.  And it is a one of a kind snowdyed print. She titled it Fire Agate  and it was in the Hand dyed fabric/Crystals part of the shop. It is approximately 38" square.  My first thought is to make a whole cloth quilted piece with it.  I can't imagine cutting it up....but only time will tell.

And if you are looking for a bargain on a class to take- Craftsy is having an August Class sale on selected classes.  Just click here for up to 50% off on new classes.
But I also see that Zippered Bags with a Twist - The One Zip Way is on sale for the great price of $19.99 during this sale.  This is the Joan Hawley class that I took to make these:

You get the pattern/recipe for making the Becca Bag and the SweetPea Pods included in the class.  And while the class is on sale,  Zippered Bags with a Twist - The One Zip Way gets both for a little less than both patterns.  How cool is that? Plus Joan gives some great tips along the way for a successful finish.  I give it 5 Stars.

Now, tell me - what are you doing during this hot, hot summer?

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Sarah Craig said...

I love your tumblers, Gene! Thank heaven for the Go! cutter that makes them so much more accessible now... And that fabric pieces is absolutely stunning - I think it would make a great whole cloth quilt, I can't imagine cutting it either! Keep up the good scrappy work!!

Vicki W said...

I know that you will do something new and creative with Fire Agate!

Barbara said...

I agree, no cutting of that beautiful "Fire Agate" piece. Just put it where you can enjoy looking at it until the perfect project presents itself. A row of tumblers among scraps sounds great. I love all things scrappy!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I am an Alabama Cross Stitcher Gene. I found your blog through Blacksheeps's Bit of the Web. I live in Decatur and I love handwork. I have always wanted to try my hand at weaving, it looks so fun and yet relaxing in a way. My grandmother was a quilter but I am a bit too OCD for quilting. I get very frustrated when the pieces do not line up perfectly. I did make a bow tie pattern pillow once but I realized it was not a relaxing craft for me. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful work.

Linda C said...

Love those tumblers! Are these a smaller version or the 6 1/2 inch die? The reason I ask is every time I enter the sewing room, I see the little Missouri Star template on the sewing themed wreath on the door. Kay made it so the bits and bobs could be removed and used if you want to. I keep thinking "man, that little thing is cute and would be fun to play with!"

Fire Agate is gorgeous! Too hard to cute into gorgeous. Can't you just hang it or leave it out where you can pet it a bit for now?

Hope you have a good Sunday!

Linda C said...

Oh, I had already signed up for the Zipper Class so I think I'll do a cooking one this time, the Healthy Meals That Taste Delicious. My diet lately is less than inspiring and "why bother?". As long as the oven can remain off for now, I'll be in!

Barb said...

Love all of your zipper bags.....I have been having fun with my grandbaby...parents were sick and asked if we would take him.....didn't have to ask.....loved go nothing done in the sewing room last week.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Vicki's fabrics have a way of breaking those no-buy vows, don't they?? SEW gorgeous!!!

Jeanna said...

What a coincidence. I just used my GO cutter to cut out 6 1/2" tumblers in patriotic fabrics. My friend and I are working on a quilt to donate to a veteran's organization.

The new fabric is gorgeous, I don't think I could cut it either.