Tuesday, September 06, 2016

An Attempt at A Project

I wanted to make the Bendy Bag from the  "Zip It Up."class on Craftsy.   Tuesday probably wasn't the day to do it.  I did manage to get a finished project. Sure, it will be usable.  But, it is far from successful.  
The problem is that Mom is going to have cataract surgery on one eye Wednesday. So, I have had to run over four times a day since Sunday morning to put the eyedrops in for her.  It seems that every time I get started with something - well it is time to go again.  I got started on the Bendy bag after lunch.  I made a good start then looked at the clock and said "Oops, time to run!"  
Interruptions are not a good idea when you are doing something for the first time.  Add to that my poor choice of lining fabric -it crawled- and I just didn't do all that well.

Still, I am going to share my results with you - my blog readers.  I will wait until I have a successful one to post it on Craftsy.  Ha ha.  I am showing it from two slightly different angles.   But I am not showing the lining fabric.

As you can see, it doesn't look quite as neat as it should.  Where the fabric shifted on me, I had to adjust that seam at the bottom and that was NOT the best idea.  I was tired and I cut it crooked. So you can see that it doesn't sit prettily.   Oh well, it will be good for storing some odds and ends or charging cables.  I am sure the next one will be much better!

As for me, it is early to bed tonight, I have a day that starts early tomorrow.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like it! The diagonal miter look is nice - and it may not sit prettily, but at least it sits! If I tried it - I'm pretty sure it would probably fall over - LOL. Hope all goes well for your Mom tomorrow - ;))

Jeanna said...

That is a fun fabric on the outside. It looks like a useful bag so it isn't a total bust.

Hope your Mom's eyes heal fast and the surgery was a success.

Barbara said...

Looks good to me! It will be wide open for easily locating whatever you put into it. Charging cables need visibility to be found! I've had cataract surgery in both eyes, piece of cake, and oh, what a difference! Best wishes for your Mom.

Linda C said...

We never know how things are going to work out but now you know what you might do differently the next time you attempt this one. No effort ever goes to waste, I don't think.

Hope all went well with your mom's surgery. I'm assuming she has to have them both done? All those drops and they are hard to keep track off. I know I actually made up med sheets when DJ and I had ours done. He went first and me a year later.

Marlene said...

I think it looks great. I can't see this problem that you feel is so obvious. Any tips to avoid problems. I've yet to try this project yet.