Friday, September 09, 2016

Checking In - Project prep

This week, next week and for a while longer,  I am "mom-sitting" after her cataract surgery.  She is unable to put the drops in her eyes.  For at least another week, there are drops four times a day. Then we drop to twice a day for a while and finally once a day.
So, as a result, I haven't been home long enough to start a serious project.  I still have other things I can't let go too long.
So during a "break" - I pulled out my stash of spinning fibers, my blending board and a big bag to carry it all in.   While doing Mom's laundry, I started making rolags - they are fiber that is prepped for spinning into yarn.  I really just had fun mixing colors and not worrying about the final yarn. I can use it in weaving and it will be beautiful.  I had failed to remember that this is a bit arm muscle intensive and I tired out my right arm quite a bit.  But look at these results!
These will spin up into some beautiful yarn.  This is mostly wool but I think that a couple of the rovings that I had hand dyed were a combination of wool and silk.  That would account for some of the extra shine it has.

Posting will be spotty for a while as I settle into some type of routine.  Just know that I am doing well.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oooh, that's going to be pretty! Glad you and your Mom are doing well - ;))

kathyinozarks said...

Beautiful-I can't believe I have not used my blending board yet but things seem to have been crazy here this past year--but is definately on my must do list for this winter--did you bring your spinning wheel along?

Linda C said...

I hope your mom will make a good recovery from her surgery. I know I was the eye drop giver when my husband had his surgery but then I'm a nurse and knew how to do it properly. You just barely get done with the regime and it is time to do it again. He finally got so he could do them himself a week or so after the 2nd eye was done and the dosages had dropped. It involved his flopping on the couch with his head on the arm of the couch at a certain angle but he'd get the job done! Really it was easier for me to just do it for him but sometimes I was gone to quilting, LOL.

You are going to have a ball with your pretty rolags and playing with that color!

Barbara said...

The colors are beautiful, I can only imagine the awesome yarn it will make!

Marlene said...

As you can probably tell Gene I am playing "catch up" finally commenting on blog posts I've been hanging onto the link for for ages. I tend to open them originally on my phone where it is impossible for me to respond, then I have to remember to go back to comment where I wanted to.

I have a blending board too, and like you I find it to be quite the arm workout! I love spinning the resulting rolags, but I have found myself a bit lazy when it comes to making them.