Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weaving Setup and Start

Today was the day I got some reprieve.  Mom's eye drop dosage changed from 4 times a day down to two times a day.  So I decided to do make a new warp and thread my loom for some fun fabric making.
First I wound on 160 threads on my warping board in some cotton weaving threads and some nylon novelty yarns.  Of course, I was "in the zone" so there is no photo of it on the board.  Then I moved it to the tabletop threading setup.  This is one of the delights of a Saori loom - I can sit in my comfortable desk chair and thread the reed and heddles of the loom.  Then I can move it to the loom and wind on the warp.
So here is the warp in the reed.
Okay,  it is actually through the heddles there also. But this is from the reed side.
Here it is through the heddle side with the safety knots tied so that it doesn't come unthreaded.
That may look slightly messy, but as my teacher said "You have to trust the process."
I moved it to the loom and set it up for winding on to the back beam.
Because of all the novelty yarns this was a bit more labor intensive than I wanted it to be.  A helper would have made it much easier.  But I was alone so I got up and down several times to "pop" the warp and help the threads to feed on smoothly.
Here is my reward for all that work:
The novelty yarn that is more predominate on the left of the photo
was the 'troublemaker' to wind on.
It is an almost black thread with "fuzzy bits" spaced along the length. 
Look how pretty it is!  Once the front was "tied on" it was ready to start weaving!
Starting with black yard was the easy choice - plus it really shows off the warp nicely. So black went on first.
The lower third of the photo shows it woven.  I regret that the photo didn't come out as good as I wanted it to.  But if you click on it, it should enlarge for a better view.  The bits of color in the novelty yarn really sparkle in this.
Perhaps it is time for me to end this post and get back to weaving.  See ya soon!
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Janie said...

What a process! The colors are gorgeous for sure.

Barbara said...

I'm glad you are using some novelty yarns, they are so much fun, and I know you will make them beautiful!

Jeanna said...

You blew me away at 160 yarns! Wow, that is such an impressive process, Gene. You are so adventurous and creative.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

WOW - that's really pretty! I'm with Jeanna - 160 threads sounds like a massive undertaking - and the result is simply stunning - ;))

Marie said...

What a process and the ending is beautiful, love the threads!! GLAD your mom is doing ok. Have great day. Hugs, Marie

Debbie said...

I got dizzy just viewing this! What a detailed process....and so love the result!

Barb H said...

Your weaving is absolutely gorgeous! You have a great eye for color. Can't wait to see what you'll make out of this new fabric.

Marlene said...

Really love the photo where the warp cascades down from the back beam. The reflective bits in the ladder yarn remind me of rain drops trailing down a window on a dark winter night but picking up sparkling colour from Christmas lights nearby.