Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Bias Binding - Yes You Can

Today I decided to have a throwback Tuesday republish this post on cutting bias binding. The post is slightly modified here.  The original was first published in February of 2011.

  A number of people cut straight strips for binding.  I did that too, until I learned this technique from Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Talk.  I think I told you earlier that Pat showed me this method using a napkin in a restaurant in Atlanta.  

Why is bias binding better?  Number one is strength and durability. The bias is more durable. There is a good reason why the bias binding lasts longer. With a straight of grain binding there is one thread that basically runs along the edge for the length of that strip.  When/if that thread breaks, the fabric is weakened and can split more easily. With a bias binding, you have multiple threads that run only short distances; thus there is always less stress on any one thread.

You put a lot of work into making a quilt. So bind it with bias so that it lasts and lasts!  Your future family members (or those of the recipient of the quilt) will be so glad you did.  

My video on cutting bias binding has had over 162,000 views to date. It is my most popular and most commented on video. 
This video is also accessible on the Tutorial Videos tab on my blog.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks Gene. I'm making my first quilt and will be sure to check your video before I bind. This is a timely post for me!! Thanks for continuing to blog.

Jeanna said...

I've heard of bias binding but never saw anyone break it down like this. I can easily follow these instructions. Thanks, Gene.

Barbara said...

Thanks Gene, you make it look easy. I know bias binding is the gold standard, I will add to that video count as I go. Thanks again!

Tangos Treasures said...

Cool loved the video!!

Marlene said...

I don't quilt anymore, but I really like to use handmade bias binding that has a print when I am doing sewing projects. It adds a bit of extra interest and takes the project a step away from "ordinary".