Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Down The Garden Path with Abby

My muse, also known as Abby, took me on a journey today. Actually the journey started this past weekend with a piece of hand dyed fabric. More precisely a hand-dyed gradient from ColorWays by Vicki Welsh.  I have a habit of hoarding collecting these and not using them. But this one had fusible web attached to it already. I had started something and clearly got interrupted.

Abby, muse that she is, started gently nudging me toward it. After a few weeks, I said "Enough! I don't know what I am doing, but I will do something." There was also a strip of yellow laying with it that I cut into wavy strips. (not sure if it originally was part of the same gradient.)  I cut slots in the bigger piece in the orange area and wove some of the strips in.  But the slots weren't big enough. So I added the three leftovers across the bottom.  A little bit of heat from the iron fused it to a piece of release paper. It also made it stable to continue working on.
And then it sat until today.

Yes, Abby, I know it is there, I groaned. I just didn't know what to do with it.  So upon Abby's urging I pulled out my pre-fused pieces and scraps.  Hmm.....I can't get any ideas.  So I cut some free hand circles and went back the ironing surface.  I laid out pieces, moved them, then moved them some more.  Well, that looks nice, Abby said. Grabbing the iron, I fused them into place.

Triangles! Abby stage whispered.  That will make magic for sure. Don't tell her, but I said "whatever, my dear." in my head. So I cut triangles, laid them out, moved them, moved them some more.

IRON! Quick, she said.  So I did.
Bias cut strips now, please? she begged.   Okay, I like doing those. And they can be shaped into fun curvy lines as they are fused into place.  A few strips cut - and a few more - and one pulled up because "ugh" and this is what I have.
I like it, but I see that it doesn't have a strong focal point - at least not in one of the 4 magic spots called the golden mean.   I am not sure that absolutely matters, but it is one of the rare rules that I like to follow.
While taking photos, this one was a "mistake" (but someone said there are no mistakes.)
It is possible that cropping it like this would make it better. What do you think? I think it may lose too much this way.
Adding a piece to the left edge could also move the focal point. But I have no clue what I would add that wouldn't change it too much.
Has Abby led me Down the Garden Path?  If it works into a nice piece or not, I had a great time playing with fabric and with Abby.

Vicki, if you read this, can you tell me the name of this gradient? I couldn't find it in the shop, but it is possible that it isn't in stock.
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Debbie said...

Try cropping just the right side a bit, and not the other sides. That moves the focal just enough I think. I like the open space at bottom left....it is the resting point. I think it's great.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like it the way it is - but I see what you mean about the focal point. What if - you cut some horizontal slots on the left side and "wove" something down that side - would that work? I don't have the "eye" that you do - I'm just throwing it out there - ;))

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like it. Play around with a few more bias strips made into wiggly lines but don't be so quick to fuse them until you try a few more things with it. Have you propped it up so you can see it from across the room or are you working with it flat on a table top?

Barbara said...

I love this, the first photo please! If you add anything, perhaps a small figure holding a string that controls all these kites would work. Might her name be Abby?

Colourist said...

Developing a stronger focal area could work well. The bigger format is like a painting already. After looking at it for the time it took me to finish a cup of coffee I am picturing a vertical band from top to bottom defined by crisp vertical lines at the outside edges of the fourth and fifth "squares" at the top. My muse, She Who Is Often Absent suggests some sort of overlay of tiny geometric forms maybe squares sprinkled from top to bottom within that strand. Contrast of form and scale just within the space of that imaginary band. At each end the tiny elements March right off the edges of the fabric. They appear and disappear from beyond the boundaries of your painting. This may seem overly prescriptive but the muse is chatty this morning. Time to go for a second cup.

Vicki W said...

I won't give any composition advice because I'm total crap at that. I do lovd how you wove in ghe orange part. I believe that this one is Citrus which I'm not carrying right now but I suppose it might need to make a comeback!