Monday, December 12, 2016

Newly Warped - and Improv Take 2

My loom was empty and that is not a happy sight in my eyes. It also tends to make Abby just a little bit squirmy. (Abby is my muse) Abby said, "The loom is naked! Would you want to sit there naked for the world to see?"  It is easier to appease her - plus it keeps me moving along.  A friend was visiting so I said "Pick a number, 1, 2 or 3."  I had three warps ready to go on the loom, but I didn't want to make a decision. This way Abby can't tell me I chose the wrong one, ha ha.  He chose #3 and I put it on the loom.  Fortunately, this friend doesn't mind that I work while he visits. He even helps at times.
 It takes a while to pull all the threads through the reed and the heddles. But it is totally necessary and a part of the process.  The heddles pull alternate threads up/down so that you have a "shed" to pass your weaving threads through.  The reed spaces the threads and also "beats" them into place.
Then once that it done, the warp gets rolled onto the back beam.  I warp from the front to the back of the loom. Some weavers work back to front.  With my loom it is easier this way.  And my friend helped by holding the warp as I rolled it on.  (Cue Abby quietly singing "That's what friends are for")
Once the warp is rolled on and the tension is adjusted, the loom is ready to weave.  I love seeing a fresh warp on the loom. It glows with possibilities.  This warp is all cotton and rayon.  You may see some fuzzy bits on the yellow especially at the back right of the loom.  That is a fun textured thread.  It will add interest to the finished cloth. Besides, Abby loves it.

Of course, I haven't woven on it yet because Abby kept asking about the improv block. She said that I needed to "improve" the improv. (I think that was a jibe since I didn't proofread my last post and put "improve" instead of "improv" three times - Hey, at least I was consistent.)  So, I added to it and made it into a 16.5" square block.

Maybe now Abby will let me do some housework.  But I have to agree with her motto "Housework is no fun!"  She thinks life should be filled every minute with creative joy.  Of course, isn't that the job of a muse?

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Debbie said...

Love the new colors on the loom, and so glad it got clothes on. Improv is great!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think Abby has the right idea. My MUSE is scared of the HOUSEWORK HAG. She hovers in the corner until the HAG has done her dirty work. I need to give my Muse steroids!
xx, Carol

Colourist said...

Gene can you weave inspired by the quilt piece you are showing. I think the forms and colours might translate well into weft for your beautiful warp.

Barbara said...

Beautiful colors as always on your loom. I see this as a creative work of art in itself! Since you love seeing it, suggest you live with it for a bit before proceeding.i do that often and suddenly a direction presents itself. You go, Abby!

Jeanna said...

Abby is also a wise muse. I really like the colors on the loom. How fortunate to have had help putting it together.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That warp has wonderful colors - great choice! And I love the orange on your "improved" improv block - Abby is a great muse! I think that your Abby is friends with my four sewing machines (Siggie/Jeanie/Lily/SuzieQ) and my serger (Sergio) - they always want to PLAY - that's what friends are for - and you gotta have friends - LOL - ;))