Saturday, December 10, 2016

Playful Piecing

After the long vacation with no sewing machine, I needed a warm-up exercise to get back into sewing.  I have a class I am watching but before I get into something a bit precise, I wanted to play.  So I got some scraps and made an improv block.  It isn't square but I can always add or subtract as needed to make it work later.
You see a couple of improv curves in there also.  The purple against the yellow came out much better than the inset bit in the blue.  Yes, my curves need work. Or maybe I just need to practice sewing a bit more.   Regardless, I like this improv block - and it certainly made me want to get back in the sewing mode.
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Barbara said...

So, my first thought when I saw this was how can curves be made? It's a mystery to me. Guess I'd also need to improve my improv if I tried it. Lol. Love the purple and yellow together!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Looks good to me! - ;))

Marlene said...

My curves need work too, but somehow I don't think my figure anomalies can be resolved with time at the sewing machine.

Royce said...

I've not tried curves, I even got a "curve foot", put just never got around to it. Like your block a lot.