Thursday, December 08, 2016

Wild Abandon- Fabric

Abby is so happy,  I finished weaving the fabric.
It is loaded with color and texture. 
It may be happy to simply be a wall hanging/banner.
I am not sure what will happen if I wash it. So I am not sure if 
I could make a vest out of it. 
But it would be a lovely and warm vest. 
Here are some other photos with details.
 The orange you see on the left is some of my corespun silk. 
It repeats in several places in the weaving. 

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Jeanna said...

Well whatever you decide to do with it, it will surely brighten up the area. This is a very fun piece.

Barbara said...

This may be the most colorful and wonkiest creation I've ever seen fom you, Gene. In spite of just discovering these two posts this morning, I had coincidentally been thinking just this past week about weaving again. Your work here is an enormous inspiration! I don't know where it will wind up either, but the fact that it looks awesome on a chain-link fence means you can put it anywhereand it will look great!
Thank you, "Dear Abby".

Vicki W said...

It's the perfect name for a special piece of fabric.

Barb said...

WOW.....look at all those fantastic colors....just love it.

Marlene said...

Delightful fabric Gene. Can't wait to see what it grows up to be.