Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Flying Orange Peels?

About a week ago an email came.  It said "You are a winner of the set of Orange Peel templates and the four quilt patterns! Congrats!" Seems I made a comment and my name was drawn over at Lily PadQuilting.  Yesterday,  the prize was in my mailbox.  I haven't opened the patterns yet, but I did open the templates.
There are four sizes of templates.  The first ones I cut were the 4" ones.  I considered putting one section in the center of a 'Flying Star' block.  Meh!  I didn't love it -and Abby laughed and said, "Well that won't do!" So the 3" was the next smaller size -in fact the smallest one.  I cut a couple of those and tried it.  Nope, try again!
Hmmmm.... does  it have to go in the center square?  What if.....??????????
Grabbing the scissors it was easy to cut one in half. But where do the pieces go? I thought I could put four coming from the corners of the center square.  Abby said "Get out of the box!"  Okay, let's put them on the Geese units. What do you think?  Abby said "You never know if you don't try it."
I tried it.  Then I said "If the middle was a square in a square....."  and this layout came to be.
The only parts sewn are the actual Flying Geese units.
The rest are just piece of fabric on the design board.
Now I have to decide what method I will use to applique the half orange peel shapes in place.  I am thinking that with the red block, maybe I should use one of the aqua fabrics for the orange peel pieces.   To quote the muse "You never know if you don't try it."  So back to the cutting board!
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I LOVE Abby!! You two might start a new trend with your half orange peels - they look terrific! - ;))

Barbara said...

I'd like aqua better, neat template!

Dot Moore said...

Very interesting block. I like it.

Debbie said...

Congrats on the win. Love the orange peel design you worked out. Overall the orange peel is very versatile.

Marlene said...

I'm loving your approach to quilt design as you go. It reminds me of drawings done in Elementary school called "grow flowers" where you keep adding on various doodles and see where it takes you.