Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I Dyed - and it Made me Happy

Back in October I signed up for a class on Craftsy.  The class is The Art of Cloth Dyeing with Jane Dunnewold.   Then on Tuesday, I finally put fabric in dye to see what magic might happen.  I used 5 different resist techniques on the fabric pieces that I dyed.  Every one of them gave a somewhat different result.   Let's look at the photos:
Scrunch with two colors
This one was a scrunch technique.  I had the purple dye in the container with the fabric but there was extra of the blue, so I put a bit of it in there too. I love the way it worked out.

Flag Fold
This one was a flag fold with plexiglass used on the outsides of the bundle as a resist.  The blue you may notice in the upper left is where some of the dye "broke" or "split" - That is just a happy accident.
Pole Resist
The red piece is a resist done using a "pole" although I improvised and used a big plastic drinking glass. The result is not what was intended but it is still a great piece of fabric that I will certainly use.

Cloth with a surprise - and the neighbor's dog photobombing
This blue is a rather simple fold technique. I didn't exactly do it like instructed, but it still came out just wonderfully.  The real surprise is the "image" that showed up in some sections of the cloth.

Do you see a face?  I do
As I was ironing the fabric, I realized that this section looks like a face. It makes me think of Yoda in the Star Wars saga.  I may have a difficult time cutting into this piece of fabric.

Simple fold with Rubber Bands
This is another simple folding technique.  I pleated the fabric and then folded the long pleated piece to make a smaller bundle. Rubber bands held it folded and also acted as a resist. 

I had a GREAT time washing the dye out and seeing what had happened.  I can hardly wait until I can do another dyeing session. I want to attempt some other techniques.   I plan to repeat the pole resist but I expect to have the proper equipment for it next time. 

If you want to join me on this adventure, the class is on sale now for $24.99   The Art of Cloth Dyeing with Jane Dunnewold.   I really love how she explains the science of what you are doing. That helped me so much with achieving success. 
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Debbie said...

You captured an alien there for sure.....yes, I see the face! Great results for dying class.

Barbara said...

Holy moly, I see more than one face, but that one reall jumps out! This is beautiful work, Gene, congratulations. I leave it to you, too much like cooking for me. ;)

kathyinozarks said...

great pieces Gene I love the scrunch technique I have made some amazing pieces doing that. I have yet to try the shibori-or fold technique yours came out wonderful-isn't dyeing fun?? and love the face-a wallhanging in the making already

Vicki W said...


Janie said...

Super results! Beautiful fabric for your projects.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Those turned out GREAT!! - ;))

michellecap said...

That face is cool. You could use it on a back or quilt to enhance it. Very nice.

Jeanna said...

Beautiful fabrics, Gene. I did see the face right away and agree that it does resemble Yoda. Can't wait to see what you make with these lovelies.