Friday, January 06, 2017

Sewing -A Finished Vest

My wonderful readers have seen a great deal of my woven fabric lately. Some of you may be wondering if I just weave it and put it away. Actually that does happen -but at some point a piece of fabric is ready to "become" whatever it needs to be.
Today, between Abby (the muse) and a length of woven fabric, I was convinced to sew a vest.

* As someone asked about this on a previous post, I am sharing this part of the process.*
With the woven fabric there are some considerations when cutting it.  I usually sew two parallel lines about an eighth of an inch (0.3 cm) on either side of the cutting line. This provides stability to the woven threads while manipulating the cut edges.

To sew this vest I had to cut the fabric into three pieces. I opted to leave the fringes on this piece as the fabric has some other unusual design features such as holes that are woven into the fabric.  Sometimes, I choose to cut off the fringes and finish all of the edges.  The trick is to find the correct path to follow based on all of the other elements of the cloth and the design.
Here is the finished vest hanging on one of the body forms I use for display. The body form is covered with a purple t-shirt that suits this vest nicely. Although almost any color would work with it as there are a variety of colors in the fabric.
Front View
Half of the fringes are on the wearer's back right side and the other fringes are on the wearer's left front side.  The woven fabric is mostly cotton with some rayon or bamboo and a bit of acrylic fiber. It is washable by hand or on a gentle cycle and should be dried flat. If machine dried, it should be taken out while damp and allowed to finish drying on a flat surface.  Ironing with the iron on a permanent press setting should not harm the garment.
Back View
The great thing about this design is that there are multiple options when wearing it.  It is also "size friendly" as it will fit a wide variety of body sizes and shapes.  The back is "split" so that it will expand for a larger shape or wider hips. But it also hangs nicely on a smaller body form as the fabric drapes to fit the one wearing it.
This was all one length of woven fabric even though it looks in some areas like a patchwork.
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Jeanna said...

I absolutely love it, Gene. You are very good at making garments out of your own woven fabric.

Barbara said...

Stunning and unique, Gene! I could see your "Gene Black Originals" taking off!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

WOW! I'm with Jeanna - I absolutely love it! And I'm with Barbara - I can see your "Gene Black Originals" taking off! - ;))

Marlene said...

Have you ever considered combining your hand woven cloth with pieced, quilted sections Gene? I occasionally add knitting or crocheting to my woven items. It's kind of fun!

Kathleen said...