Saturday, February 25, 2017


One type of quilt I have never made  is a bargello quilt.  I have seen some that are truly amazing.   " " Why not try it?" the muse whispered ever so seductively.  Five fabrics were gathered in a range of values. I used my camera set on "monochrome" to insure that I wasn't being fooled by color/chroma/hue.  Two fabrics were changed as the value was the same as the fabric next to it.

I cut three sets of five colors and sewed them into a strip set with values going light to dark, with two repeats. Then after pressing the seams,  I sewed it into a tube.  (I was following directions on a website that explained how to do this.)
The "yellow" is actually a green colored fabric.
Strips were cut - varying the size of each cut by 1/4th inch.  Then they are picked apart on one seam and sewed to the next larger one.  This is similar to a "Trip Around the World" quilt - except for varying the sizes of your cuts.
I got bored with the fourth inch and jumped to half inch variations.  (Remember I am not good at following patterns to the letter.)
Here is what I have at this point
I like it, but I don't love it.  I have more of the tube left, but I think I am done with this for now. Doing this was a reminder of why I have on made one "Trip Around the World" quilt.  You have to match every little seam intersection for it to look good. (I call that "pin and cuss" sewing.)
The size on this is roughly 23 inches square. What do you suggest that I do with it?
a. Table topper
b. Antimacassar
c. Add borders and make a baby quilt
d. Fill in the blank - your alternate answer

Barbara asked "What is an antimacassar?"  So I am editing to add this
An antimacassar is a fabric piece put on the back of an upholstered chair to avoid getting hair oils/hair dressings on the chair fabric. ("macassar" was a hair oil in Victorian days - the term dates to that era.) 
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Barbara said...

Couple thoughts...I think you "love" what you make more often when you make a Gene original with no pattern or directions. I like this quilt and would probably make a baby quilt since the colors are bright, then add it to my gift pile. What is an "antimacasser"???

Debbie said...

I think it is beautiful! Great choices in colors. I do agree that this method of bargello can be a pin and cuss method. I much prefer to use the half drop method that Eleanor Burns uses for her TAW strict matching required. The key to movement with this style are using those very narrow cuts wisely....I musch prefer your random cuts:)
Add a couple of borders and use it as a small lap throw or baby quilt.

Barb said...

I need to do several of those for all of the couches arm...seems they tend to get dirty faster than ever. I have a small quilt drapped over the favorite spot. I am glad to know what that means...see I can't spell it so I am not using that word.

Love your quilt....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I don't like "pin and cuss" sewing either - I'm like Debbie - I'd use Eleanor Burns' half-drop method - no seams to match - much easier - no pinning and no cussing - ;))

Linda C said...

I vote for a lap robe for an elderly patient, being a geriatric nurse (my last position before I retired!) They can use it across the shoulders or across the lap while seated. Besides, it is a pretty shot of color!

It looks wonderful but then so does your half step drop in the next post. I have done it where you just alternate every other strip--one up, one down all across the top. I've never known what it is actually called as I found it online using someone's photo for inspiration. Belles have made a ton of them in the past for our kids. I think I called it Basketweave or some such thing for our quilt document.