Sunday, February 26, 2017

Half Drop Bargello?

Saturday's post about my attempt at bargello got a couple of comments that sent me on a learning adventure.  Debbie mentioned Eleanor Burns' "half drop" method for making a Trip Around the World (TAW) quilt.  Then Left-Handed Quilter seconded the suggestion.
With this method you do not have to match seams, so I like it already.  Knowing that many things are on the internet, I did a search.  After watching the video , I wondered if it would work for bargello also.   There was a small piece of the strip tube that I made for the bargello bit that I did.  Cutting it up in various sized strips, half inch increments, I sewed it using the half drop method.
Yes it does work.  This will be something I could do far more easily.  So I may reconsider it at some point.  I will be needing to make a graduation quilt for a great-nephew in a month or so.  I am thinking a TAW using this method will be just the ticket.

Here is the video of Eleanor Burns showing the TAW half drop method.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Looks like it worked pretty well - and no seams to match - what's not to like - LOL - ;))

Barbara said...

Yes! No matching! It's also prettier and more interesting to view. This s a win-win! (but you do know it's a pattern, right? ;)

Debbie said...

Great job!!!! There is a book "Quick Trips" or something like that by Eleanor that I have and use a lot. The ones her sister, Pat did are more "bargello" style and are included in the book too.

Royce said...

Oh that turned out great! Love those colors and no matching seams - well nuff said.
I might have to look into that myself - considering how I like to do improvise quilting, think it might mix in well

Jeanna said...

Eleanor usually has some great tips up her sleeve. I've never made a bargello but I do love the look.