Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Stars AND Dye Results

My dyed fabrics are ready to be shown AND there are more of the Flying Stars with Chubby Stars in the centers.   Here is a "peek photo."

Now let's look at all the dyed fabrics first.
One of my favorites! 

Stitch resist - another of my favorites!

This is the over-dyed fabric that had just a little green on it. You can see
where the green was but it is now a much more interesting fabric.

Pole - resist dyed. Parts will be cut away and overdyed, I think. 

This was pleated and twisted and tied.
Another possible overdye?

These two were "filler" pieces- added to  soak up excess dye.
But, they are great fabrics now

Two different red fabrics with different tones and color saturation. 

Another over-dyed fabric.
This was a blue with lots of white space.  It is much more dramatic now.  
This was the 'stars' resist. There are only vague images of the stars.
Another possible over-dye fabric.

Now for two "Wows" and a hmmmmm:
 A mandala dyeing - this is my first attempt at it. 

This was under the mandala to catch extra dye runoff.
I think I see a cave wall painting here. 

This was under the Mandala and the "Cave Wall piece. It was only at one end.
Thus there is no purple.  To the left I see watercolor flowers.
Parts may be over-dyed. 
Finally let's look at the Flying Stars with Chunky Star centers.
Here are three completed and appliqued to the blocks.  The small Chunky Star is on a 4 1/2" piece to become the center of another Flying Star block.
Don't forget that the "how to" for the Chunky Star came from the Craftsy Class:  Big Techniques from Small Scraps with Sarah Fielke when Abby (the muse) flicked on the lightbulb above my head.

Craftsy is having a sale! All of their new classes are under $20!  So click HERE to go to the SALE.  But I happen to know that  Big Techniques from Small Scraps with Sarah Fielke is $19.99 right now also.

The New Class sale runs until Sunday 11:59p.m. Mountain Time.   You can go back and watch the classes months or even years later.  

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thirteen "Wows" and only one "Hmmmmm" - very nice!! - ;))

Barbara said...

I'm exhausted! I love them all, and it must be fun to untie the surprising results. My favorites all have some purple. The Mandala dyeing was your first? Ok, you can stop that process now, can't beat that one. I done see anything cave wall-ish, but I see an American Indian in
profile in that piece. So much fun!

Vicki W said...

It's a great dye day when you only have one hmmmmm. Well done!

Marlene said...

Wow Gene these dyed fabrics are works of art by themselves. The one you have marked as one of your favourites is one of mine too. I also love the mandala and the fabric that soaked up the dye from underneath it.

I remember seeing the navy and raspberry pink one before you overdyed it. Then and now it reminds me of an dental x-ray. Hee hee. A very beautiful dental x-ray mind you.

Jeanna said...

You're very good at dying the fabrics. Each one is unique and attractive. I like the new flying stars with the chunky star addition. Abby has you hopping!