Thursday, March 16, 2017

This 'n' That

Another busy week - that is what this has been so far.  Mom and I both had to go for routine blood work.  I had a routine visit to one of my doctors.  I see another one of them next week.  Sheesh.  I have more to do - so I guess I had better take care of myself, right?

A few things I have gotten finished since the last post include:
Reframing a painting for the exhibit.  I moved a watercolor from a simple metal display frame into a nice wood frame. I think it will display better.
Sewing a facing on another art quilt piece so it will be ready to hang. I also bought dowels for hanging the art quilts.
Weaving off the rest of a hand dyed warp that I had on the loom.

Of course there are some photos.  The paintings, I didn't photo because the glass glares badly on them.
But here is that strange little art quilt.
A very abstract design created in fabric and other fibers.  I need to find a name for it
The fabric off the loom has been wet-finished and hung to dry.

And the loom?  Well it sat empty for part of a day.  But a bit of inspiration had me changing the reed out and rethreading it so that the warp forms a bit of a pattern in areas as I weave.

Perhaps you can see it in these two photos.

It is a bit subtle but it changes the "plain weave" to a bit of a more patterned weave.

The weekend is fast approaching and with it, my "baby" brother's birthday.   I have been chosen to bake the cake. That could be because my paternal grandmother taught me to bake a cake and she was the master of delicious cakes.  I think it was also this Grandmother who started me on a life of creative cooking.  She didn't follow the rules or necessarily the recipe.  She knew, and taught me, which cooking rules you can break and still have a great result.  It was also her teaching that led me to trust my "taste" when cooking.   And as you probably know, all of that spilled over into my other creativity too.  (wink.)
So if you don't see me for a couple of days - just know that I am not standing still.  My life is full and happy ---and busy.
Have a great weekend.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Here's to a life that is full and happy - and busy! - ;))

Jeanna said...

Gene, I am so tired. I think it is from the time change or maybe that is just an excuse. Reading everything you have been up to just in this week makes me even more tired. I need some of your energy and if I could have some I would like it to also include some of your creativity.

The art quilt is an interesting piece, please let us know what you name it. You know I love everything that comes off the loom! Speaking of which, I've had a couple of opportunities in the last few days to wear my "Auburn" scarf. Had some chilly nights in south Florida.

Barbara said...

A very busy and productive life, you have! I wonder about the art quilt size, especially like that!

Vicki W said...

You are a man of many talents!